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Fall hours: Thur 9 am-8 pm  •  Fri-Sun 9 am-4 pm  •  Closed Mon-Wed  •  Check full schedule.

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Open Thur-Sun

Renew Your MCM Membership

Thank you for being a member of Madison Children’s Museum! We’re delighted you’re interested in renewing your membership for another year.

You don’t need to wait till your current membership expires to renew! 

When you renew, a new year is added to the end of the remaining months on your membership.

How to Renew Your Membership:

You can renew your membership in any of four ways:

  1. Online: Use the buttons below to renew.
  2. Over the Phone: Call our membership manager at (608) 354-0550.
  3. By Mail: Download the registration form and mail it to us.
  4. In-Person: Download the registration form and bring it to the front desk on your next visit.

Download Form for Mail or In-Person registration

Online renewal tip

Remember to log in before you buy your membership!

You don’t have to log in, but if you do then your current address information will automatically populate, saving you a bit of typing. This is also a good opportunity to check to make sure we have your contact information correct in our system!

Member Benefits

Visit our member benefits page for an updated list of all available member benefits.

Has your family grown?

You may renew your membership at your current level, or you may change your membership to a new level. As an added bonus, when you upgrade your membership to a higher level you start to enjoy all the additional benefits immediately.

Membership Policies

  • Memberships are intended for families, and caregivers are welcome.
  • Members must be listed by name on the membership to receive benefits, including both adults and children.
  • You can change the names on a membership by contacting the membership manager.
  • Additional members can be added to a membership for $20 per person. Memberships can also be upgraded to the next level to add more members.
  • Memberships are active once payment is processed. You can visit the museum using an ID at any time.
  • Digital membership cards are included with the member welcome letter. If you would like a paper membership card, you can ask at the front desk any time you’re in the museum and we’re happy to fill one out for you.
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Membership dues for most membership levels are not tax-deductible. This includes Dual, Family, Family Plus, Family Access, Childcare, Classroom, and School memberships. For Wonder Maker level memberships, at least $90 or more are tax-deductible, starting at the $250 level. The tax-deductible portion of your donor membership increases for higher donor levels, based on cost and benefits offered.
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