Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

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Info for birthday party guests

We’re looking forward to welcoming you as birthday party guests at Madison Children’s Museum. Please review the information below, which will help make it a great party for everyone!

Help confirm the guest list

Let the family who invited you know who from your family will be attending the birthday party. Admission to the museum is free for all party guests. 

Location, directions, parking

Madison Children’s Museum is located in downtown Madison, on the Capitol Square. The address is 100 N. Hamilton Street, Madison, WI 53703.

The museum does not have a parking lot, but there is parking on the street next to the museum and two parking garages close by. More info about directions and parking options.


You can arrive before the party to play in the museum. The museum opens at 9 am. 

When you arrive at the museum, go to the admissions desk (straight back after you walk in the front door). Tell the staff there you’re here for the party. All guests (both kids and adults) will receive a wristband, which will get you into the party room and serve as your “ticket” to the museum for the day.

If you are bringing others with you who will not be attending the party they’ll need to pay for admission or use a valid MCM membership.

The party will be held in the Celebrations room on the museum’s 2nd floor (right across from the elevator) and near the Pie in the Sky diner with the pretend pies and pizzas. There will be signs on the door to the Celebrations room indicating the birthday child’s name and entry time. Please be respectful of the space if there is a party already happening before the one you are attending.

Supervision during the party

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and in all spaces. 

The museum does not offer childcare or babysitting. Please communicate with your birthday party hosts to know if you are expected to stay and supervise your child or if they have enough adults for you to depart. 

If you are not staying with your child, be sure they know the name of the adult taking care of them and explain that they must stay with that adult while playing. Adults must be present in any space the children in their care are playing in.

Help ensure safe and joyful play at the museum

Your party hosts have reserved the Celebrations room for their party. Other visitors will be playing throughout the rest of the museum. 

Everyone in the museum needs to abide by the museum’s Rules for Safe Play & Code of Conduct.

Please review the rules with your child before the party.


After the party time is over, all items must be removed from the Celebrations room so that the space can be cleaned for the next event. Please help your party hosts by collecting your child and their belongings promptly. If you want to stay and play in the museum, you can leave items in the coat room, which includes coin lockers.

You are welcome to stay and play in the museum until it closes. Review the current museum hours.

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