Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

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Health and Safety at Madison Children’s Museum

At Madison Children’s Museum, we have always taken the health of our visitors seriously; our new COVID safety procedures detailed below add to the already robust sanitation practices we had in place before the pandemic. Children’s museums, including MCM, have long been at the forefront of best practices in cleaning and disinfecting shared objects and spaces.

Mask Policy

Masks are generally recommended, but not required.

However, masks are required for anyone (adults or children) showing symptoms of a respiratory illness such as cough, congestion, or runny nose. Any visitor who refuses to comply with mask requirements may be asked to leave the premises.

Please stay home if you or a family member have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Help model good hygiene for kids by washing hands frequently and using the many hand-sanitizer dispensers throughout the building.

policy updated 11/22/2022

We will continue to monitor conditions and consult public health guidance for indoor public places and places where children congregate and adjust our policies accordingly.

Facility and Exhibits Upgrades

HVAC has been updated to the recommended MERV-13 filtration level, with the addition of an ionizing system and increased air circulation cycles throughout the day.

Restrooms have been improved to support best hand washing habits.

Hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the museum. Please let the front desk know if a sanitizer dispenser needs to be refilled (and please guide your child in taking only a moderate amount of sanitizer.)

Museum staff will clean and sanitize exhibit components and other high-touch surfaces throughout the day. The museum has multiple sets of “loose parts” components for frequent rotation. Additional receptacles have been placed out for visitors to store items that their children may have soiled during their visit.


Museum staff will follow best practices for handwashing and will follow current CDC and PHMDC masking guidelines.

Staff are asked to self-monitor for symptoms and to stay home when ill. All employees receive paid sick leave, to encourage staff to stay home when sick

Staff and contractor hours allocated to facility cleaning have been increased.

Visitor Responsibility

  • Stay home if you or a family member show symptoms or have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus
  • Wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Model good behavior for your children and the other children around you.
  • Visitors exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness will be asked to mask indoors.
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