Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

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The Bakke Art Studio is all kids need to create their newest masterpiece.

Decorate the interactive paint window. Illuminate shape and form in the Rainbow Room. Take a seat to sculpt, draw, and weave. Rotating exhibits and thousands of petite pieces by local kids provide an endless supply of inspiration.

What kids are learning in the Art Studio

Art is great for kids’ on multiple levels, but our art studio deliberately uses recycled and upcycled materials. Non-conventional materials challenge children to use their creativity and imagination in open-ended ways. Instead of instructions, these materials allow children to explore what is possible, with no right or wrong answers. 

Sustainability in the Art Studio

Children can find inspiration in the most mundane materials around, like toilet paper tubes, cereal boxes, and egg cartons. Reusing materials to make art provides children with open-ended and inexpensive ways to build and create. The best part is that the mess stays here, but you get to keep the art and memories. 

Thank you to our Art Studio supporters

The Art Studio is made possible by Jim & Susan Bakke.

Art Studio programs, as well as art programs throughout the museum, are supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Art Studio is supported by Dane County Arts with additional funds from the Endres Mfg. Company Foundation; The Evjue Foundation, Inc., charitable arm of The Capital Times; the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation; and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation.

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