Open Thursday–Sunday. Plan your visit or get tickets.

Thursday–Sunday, 9 am–4 pm

Open Thursday–Sunday. Plan your visit or get tickets.

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Thursday–Sunday, 9 am–4 pm


Get excited about invention in Possible-opolis!

This sprawling “city” is filled with challenging puzzles, interactive games, and loads of exploration and play. Our structures, and event the floor, are composed of 90% recycled and re-purposed materials.

  • Use pulleys and a harness to ‘mooove’ Gertrude the Cow.
  • Push buttons and turn dials on the Wayback Machine to unearth surprises.
  • Run in the giant Gerbil Wheel.
  • Scale the two-story Hodge Podge Mahal climber.


Possible-opolis also contains the entryway to our Celebrations Rooms, where many of our drop-in programs, workshops, and playgroups meet, and also where our weekend birthday parties take place.

Just past the Wayback Machine, visit the Pie in the Sky Diner, where you can cook up felted and hand sewn “pizzas” and “pies” as well as pouring imaginary milkshakes direct from the source (peek out the window to see where they’re coming from!)

ages: all

What We're Learning:

The fascinating fun of science and technology along with collaborative problem solving.


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