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Hours: Wed–Sun 9 am–4 pm, plus late on Thur til 8 pm • Closed Mon/Tue • Check full schedule

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Tag Archive: Log Cabin

  1. Schoolyard Games

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    Learn about the games played by children on recess during the 1800s!

    Join us in the Log Cabin to play a game that would have been played in the frontier schoolyard. From Jacks, to Marbles, to graces, and more – we’ll explore a new game every week.

    All ages are welcome, but games will be best for children ages 5 and up.

  2. Pioneer Kitchen

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    Join us for this weekly program centered around pioneer cooking and taste some of the food pioneers would have eaten.

    Drop-in program; free with admission

  3. Project Feederwatch

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    Learn about some of the common varieties of bird in Madison and count them as they visit our bird feeders in the Log Cabin yard. The data is submitted to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology project site. For more information, please visit the project website at: http://feederwatch.org/.

    Drop-in program; free with museum admission.

  4. Frontier Survival Skills

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    Learn some of the basics needed for living, and thriving, on the frontier. Each week we’ll explore a different skill, either craft or cooking related, and learn a bit more about the life of settlers.

    Drop-in program free with museum admission.

  5. Celebrate Samhain

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    Join us in the Log Cabin to learn about this traditional Gaelic festival marking the end of harvest and the beginning of winter.

    Drop-in activities, free with museum admission.

  6. Little Pioneers

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    Join us for history fun and pioneer play!  Make a craft from the past, plant and tend to the garden, harvest vegetables and explore historical artifacts in the log cabin.

    Drop-in program, free with museum admission

  7. Sewing with Erin

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    Join us in the Log Cabin for a drop-in sewing activity. Activities can be tailored to accommodate early learners through school-age children.

    Drop-in program is free with museum admission

  8. Twilight Tea

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    You are cordially invited to afternoon tea in our Log Cabin. Dress in your finest from our dress-up trunk and use you best manners. Make a herbal tea sachet and try tea we’ve made.

    Free drop-in program
    All ages welcome

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