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Open Thursday–Sunday. Plan your visit or get tickets.

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  1. Loom Tour 2015: BackStrap Weaving

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    Guest artist Hannah Bennett will spend the day preparing a backstrap loom system, and demonstrating weaving technique. Backstrap weaving is an ancient method of making cloth, used in many cultures around the world.

    Because the materials needed to construct the loom are so simple, it is a very accessible and mobile art form. Weaving materials for this project will come from plants, recycled and upcycled pieces and donated yarns.

    There will also be a loom (or three!) set up for visitors to experiment with.

  2. Three Greek Myths

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    Visiting artist Felice Amato will present a short puppet performance of Three ancient Greek myths using props and objects that she has created with visitors, as part of June’s ‘Let’s make a puppet show!’ makerspace project.

    Felice Amato is a visual artist, storyteller, puppeteer, and poet.

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