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Open Wed–Sun 9am–4pm, plus late on Thur til 8pm. • Get tickets.

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Madison Children’s Museum offers $1 admissions to affected employees and their families in government shutdown

January 18, 2019
To help federal workers and their families cope with the government shutdown, Madison Children’s Museum will offer discounted admission to all federal workers currently furloughed or otherwise not receiving pay. The museum’s Access for Everyone program offers $1 admission to those who qualify by their participation in a number of programs (most, but not all, need-based). From now until the federal government reopens, affected workers will qualify for Access Admission and will be charged the $1 per person admission rate.

“We want to do our part to make the museum accessible to these families during a stressful time,” says Deb Gilpin, president and CEO of the museum. “We know we can be a haven for families. If parents are now home with the kids unexpectedly and money is tight, we hope this helps them get out of the house to enjoy a day at the museum.”

(The museum’s Access Memberships [$15 for a yearly membership for a family] are not available as part of this offer during the shutdown.)

Access for Everyone includes a number of other free and reduced-rate programs, such as Free Family Nights, the first Wednesday evening of every month. Find out more about Access for Everyone.

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