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Classic Game of Pong Gets BIG Upgrade at MCM


MADISON, Wis. (January 27, 2014) ― An ode to the classic video game, King Pong is the newest exhibit to open at Madison Children’s Museum. Designed for visitors five years old and up, King Pong takes the original Pong and monster-sizes it with giant controls that move graphic “paddles” up and down on a large flat screen monitor.

Museum developers designed the giant homage to the granddaddy of gaming to show children the fun of simple video game concepts. Plus, parents and grandparents who grew up with Pong first-hand can take a trip down memory lane. “We’re really excited about the launch of King Pong. It’s not only great fun, it has a way of sparking wonderful technology conversations between kids and adults,” states MCM exhibits developer John Robinson.

King Pong was designed by museum exhibit staff in collaboration with local inventor and frequent guest-programmer Larry Walker. The new, interactive exhibit can be found among a quirky group of experiences collectively known as The Wayback Machine in the Possible-opolis section of the second floor. Here kids can try out a host of creatively revamped gadgets, including two newer additions; a retro Rocky and Bullwinkle pinball machine and the hands-on laser light show, The Osillaser. King Pong support is provided by the Google Community Grants Fund of Tides Foundation.

The original Pong, based on the game of tennis with simple graphics and sound effects, started as a popular arcade game in the 1970s and grew to be the first commercially successful video game. Pong is often credited with the rise of home gaming and connecting a console to a television set.

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