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Dave Zweifel’s Madison: ‘Urb Garden’ delightful new addition to Children’s Museum

The Capital Times


The latest addition to the remarkable Madison Children’s Museum that continues to delight kids as well as their parents at its home on Capitol Square is what is called the “Urb Garden.”

It’s a small space on a platform behind the museum that is designed to connect young children with the wonders of planting and growing food even in tight urban environments.

Designed by the museum’s staff, the Urb Garden is a wonderland of hands-on experiences for the kids and explained Clint Walz, the development director, can help show adults as well that you don’t need a massive backyard to grow things that you can wind up serving on your kitchen table.

The garden allows kids to plant seedlings, watch worms turn food waste into compost and experience other other hands-on gardening chores. It was unveiled late this week during a special ribbon cutting ceremony. It’s been named for former Mayor Joe Sensenbrenner and his wife Mary Ellen, who made a major contribution to make it happen.

The former mayor gathered the kids attending the ceremony toward him and made sure they knew this place was “your place.” Bring your parents to your place as often as you want, he told them.

Others who helped make the delightful new place reality included the Association of Children’s Museums, the philanthropy fund of Fidelity Charitable, the estate of Bonnie Berman and the National Wildlife Foundation.

If you haven’t taken your kids or grandkids there yet, do so soon.

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