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American Girl Benefit Sale enables free admissions, scholarship to Madison Children’s Museum

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For a year, the Madison Children’s Museum prepared for the 32nd annual American Girl Benefit Sale on July 20-21.

The sale features discounts on American Girl merchandise, such as clothes, books, accessories and the dolls themselves. People who attended the sale might also have left with rare merchandise from a silent auction that took place.

The funds raised at the benefit sale directly impact and help the Madison Children’s Museum, along with 20 other organizations in the Madison area, like the American Girl’s Fund for Children.

CEO and President of the Madison Children’s Museum Deb Giblin said the funds aid in scholarship programs and admissions to the museum so that everyone has a chance to visit.

“Everyone who wants to come to the museum is able to come in, even if they can’t afford to,” Giblin said. “We have an Access for Everyone program. It has reduced or free admission prices. We have scholarships for our summer camps. It really means that all children can come and play and learn.”

American Girl dolls like Samantha Parkington and Kit Kittredge were sold, along with newer dolls like the Wellie Wishers. Vendors sold merchandise like housing and clothes. Food vendors were also available for customers.

About 6,000 people attended the event Saturday, including people from all over the world. Lainey, from Australia, and Maya, from Montreal, were two of those people who traveled to the United States for the benefit sale.

“It’s just kind of like a dream come true,” Lainey said. “Something that I thought I’d never actually be able to experience, but here I am.”

The event will continue until noon Sunday.

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