Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

Thursday–Sunday: 9 am–4 pm

Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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Thursday–Sunday: 9 am–4 pm

The American Girl Benefit Sale, run by Madison Children’s Museum, offers great deals on authentic American Girl dolls, accessories, and books — all for a good cause!

All benefit sale inventory is generously donated by American Girl and Mattel, and all proceeds support the work of Madison Children’s Museum and American Girl’s Fund for Children, which supports charitable programs for children in the Madison area. The sale is not run by American Girl or Mattel.

American Girl Benefit Sale 2022

AGBS 2022 will be held online only, July 14–16, 2022

  • You must register to participate in order to shop when the sale starts. Registration is free; timed tickets will not be sold this year. 
    • All registered shoppers will be able to shop online as soon as the sale begins.  
    • Non-registered members of the public may shop whatever items remain after the registered shoppers; however, selection may be very limited
    • We strongly encourage everyone who plans to shop during the benefit sale to register!
  • Per-cart limits will be set for items and categories of items. You’ll be able to check out and shop again to refresh limits. If you place multiple orders, we’ll combine them before shipping or pickup.
  • The sale will continue through July 16 or until all items are sold—whichever comes first.
  • There will be no markdown sale and no discounting. And, as always, no inventory is held back. See it? Want it? Buy it! We’re pricing to sell.
  • You may choose between in-person pickup or having your order shipped:
    • In-person pickup will be in Middleton, Wisconsin, tentatively scheduled for July 30–31 & August 6–7. 
    • Shipping will be offered through a third-party shipping partner, who will determine shipping costs, contact you for payment, and then ship to you.

You’ll get more information and details by June 15.

Benefit Sale Inventory & Pricing

  • All of our product is donated by American Girl/Mattel and comes from their overstock or returned merchandise. Quantities vary widely.
  • Prices are on average 30% less than store purchases. Some items may be reduced further depending on how much inventory we have. Some discontinued items, such as previous Girl of the Year dolls, may be priced closer to their original retail cost. Madison Children’s Museum reserves the right to set prices based on availability from year to year.
  • All products are sold AS IS, with no returns, refunds, or exchanges. All dolls are inspected by our volunteers and care is taken to ensure the dolls are in very good condition.
  • Dolls may come with or without some small accessories or books. We will not be able to confirm the exact accessories or outfits for each individual doll.
  • Packaging may be imperfect. We focus on the quality of the product, not the box. Dolls may or may not be secured in their boxes. 
  • Some information on available items may be issued before the sale. We do not issue a complete list of all items and cannot confirm the presence of any individual item ahead of the sale. 
  • As our products are overstock/returns from American Girl/Mattel we almost never sell the current Girl of the Year or have products released within the past year.
  • Truly Me dolls’ outfits vary and may not match the doll pictured on the sale website.
  • There are purchasing limits on most of the inventory. The limits are set to provide as many shoppers with as much choice as possible, while still earning funds for the causes the sale supports. 

AGBS is not run by American Girl

  • This benefit sale is run by hard-working volunteers and staff of Madison Children’s Museum. American Girl generously donates all product to us, but they do not run the sale in any way.
  • American Girl reward points, coupons, or gift cards cannot be used at the benefit sale.
  • Please do NOT contact American Girl with questions about the sale.

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Important information about receiving AGBS emails:

  • Do NOT use @hotmail, @msn, or @outlook email addresses. Last year we discovered that these Microsoft-administered email services will not consistently deliver our tickets and other critical messages. Instead, we suggest you make a free email address elsewhere to use for benefit sale communications. (Gmail is free and works very well.)
  • Gmail users should be aware that our communications may be routed to your Promotions tab, so be sure you have the ability to check that frequently, or just enter “AGBS” in Gmail’s search bar.
  • Do not unsubscribe. American Girl Benefit Sale emails are sent by Madison Children’s Museum. If you unsubscribe to emails from Madison Children’s Museum, you are ALSO unsubscribing to all benefit sale emails. Our email service provider takes consumer privacy very seriously; if you unsubscribe yourself, we cannot manually add you back in. To re-subscribe, you will need to re-enter your information in our online subscription form, follow the prompts on subsequent screens, AND click on the link in a confirmation email before you will be added back to the list.

Still looking for more info?


If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us via email. Also, there is a wonderful community of veteran sale-goers and sale volunteers on our Facebook page. They are generally generous with their time and willing to give advice. We highly recommend liking the page and joining that community.

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