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Hours: Wed–Sun 9 am–4 pm, plus late on Thur til 8 pm • Closed Mon/Tue • Check full schedule

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  1. Member Party: Capes & Crowns

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    Friday, August 18 @ 5:00 pm 7:30 pm

    Superheroes and royalty take over the museum during our next members-only party!
    Kids (and parents) are encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero, prince/princess, or any combination thereof that inspires them. (Hey, some of our favorite heroes are royalty, like Black Panther and Wonder Woman.) For those who come sans costume, don’t worry, you can make DIY costume pieces in the Art Studio.

    This event is for current museum members only. Registration is $10 per family (after MCM member discount.)

    Special Activities

    • Super-Royalty Scavenger hunt with prizes
    • Superpower necklaces & Crown Jewel pendants
    • DIY Crowns and Costumes in the Art Studio
    • Snack and juice provided
  2. Member Party: Dinos in Space

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    Friday, May 19 @ 5:00 pm 7:30 pm

    Dinosaurs are awesome. Space is awesome. Put them together and you get an epic mashup of titanosaur/starship proportions! MCM members are invited to direct their spaceships/time machines to the museum for a members-only night of science-inspired crafts, games, snacks, and more.

    Dinos in Space Special Activities

    • Fossil Dig: Calling all budding paleontologists! Help us excavate fossils and learn about how ancient critters and plants became fossilized in the first place.
    • Dino Drama Dioramas: Visit the Art Studio to create your own epic dinosaur diorama to take home.
    • 3, 2, 1, Blast Off! Wind Tunnel Flying Machines: Get crafty and learn about aerodynamics, all at the same time! Use up-cycled materials to create your own contraptions and then see how they fly in our wind tunnel.
    • Scavenger Hunt: Search through time and space (AKA the whole museum) and win awesome prizes.
    • Space Snacks: Grab a nibble before blasting off on your adventure (or grab dinner from the Lunchbox Cafe)
    • And, as always, enjoy members-only playtime in the museum
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