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School-Year Hours: 9:30–5, Tuesday–Sunday. Closed Monday.

Open 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Buy online tickets now—they never expire!

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School-Year Hours: 9:30–5, Tuesday–Sunday. Closed Monday.

Contribute to our Wish List

Sustainability and serving our visitors is always top of mind at MCM. So, we welcome donations of “things”—items and materials we can use to keep learning and exploring. Drop off Wish List donations at our front desk and call us with any other donations.

You can make a donation of money or time, but you can also help us by donating something on our Wish List. We currently are in need of the following items:

Tools & Equipment

Mini van
Professional-grade Walkie Talkies (14)
Front-load washing machine
Sewing Machine
Pinball Machine (working)
PA System with Microphone
Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen
6′ Round Dinner Tables
6′ Banquet Tables
Table/Chair Carts
Industrial Shelving


Coats, wraps, footwear, and accessories from many cultures, countries, and climates
100% wool sweaters
Occupation costumes (police, fireman, racecar driver, theater)

Art Studio Tools & Materials

Fabric and sewing supplies
Poly stuffing
Leather stamps
Scrapbooking materials- ink pads, embellishments and decorative papers
Paper shape punches
Rubber stamps
Colored pencils
Markers other general art supplies
Clay tools and supplies
Electric pottery wheel

Kitchen Supplies

Air-press Coffee Pots (large, 2-liter)
Food Dehydrator
Hand-crank ice cream maker
Serving platters/plates
Large and small bowls for serving
Serving utensils, tongs, sharp knives, ladle, wooden spoons, etc.
Stackable glass and plastic storage containers with lids

Games & Activities

Kids Puzzles
Other cultural instruments
Children’s books
Fossil and rock collections

Office Equipment

Laptop computers
Flat screen monitors
Computer Speakers
Manual Typewriters (Good Condition)

Camp Supplies

Magnifying glasses
Scrapbooking Materials (ink pads, embellishments, decorative papers)

Creation Station Recycled Materials

Paper tubes (TP and paper towel)
Spools, wood shapes, wood scraps with smooth edges
Corks, bottle caps, toy prize capsules, plastic do-dads
Used CDs/CD cases, small cups and boxes of all kinds
Egg cartons and similar packaging
Paper- handmade paper, rice paper, decorative paper
Yarn, wool roving
Ribbon ,string, twine
Felt and fabric
Artificial flowers
Craft foam sheet and shapes
Beads of wood, glass or plastic
Electrical, copper or other wire
Dowels and tubes
Small and colorful mosaic tiles

Other Items

Frequent Flier Miles for staff travel
Holiday decorations

We are NOT able to accept:

VHS and cassette tapes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, medicine bottles, ceramic plates or dishes, flooring tiles, broken appliances or electronics, sharp or otherwise dangerous items.

If you have Wish List items to donate to the museum, please collect items in plastic or paper bags and drop them off at the front desk. If you have items that are not currently on our list, please contact the Art Studio Manager at (608) 354-0146.

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