Open Thursdays–Sundays, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available most days or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

Thursday–Sunday, 9 am–4 pm

Open Thursdays–Sundays, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available most days or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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Thursday–Sunday, 9 am–4 pm
  • If you can’t find emails from us
    • Use your email’s Search function and search for AGBS
  • If you are having trouble logging into the AGBS Shopify site
    • Double-check that you are using the right email address (the one this email was sent to) and that it is spelled correctly
    • Use the Forgot My Password link to generate a new password
  • If you are not able to see inventory or shop when your ticket time comes
    • Double-check your ticket time. Note that all times are listed in the Central time zone.
    • Be patient. Your clock might be a minute or two faster than ours. In the meantime, DON’T constantly click “reload” or “refresh”— you may trigger a caching mechanism that doesn’t actually refresh your page!
    • Click on Collections or Search to see if you can now access items.
    • Log out of and back into your account (click on the icon that looks like a little person and click “Log out” under your email address)
    • Try a different internet browser or an incognito window
  • If you’re getting an error message popping up while you’re trying to shop or check out
    • You have more than 4 dolls or more than 4 accessories in your cart. Go to your cart and reduce your items below the limit. (Check the quantity of each item in your cart; you may have accidentally put 2 of one item in by mistake.)
    • You may keep shopping, as the popup won’t prevent you from adding more items;  reduce down below the limit when you’re ready to check out.
  • If an item was in your cart but vanished when you go to check out
    • That item sold out while you were shopping. We’re sorry. Resume shopping to find a replacement item or go ahead and check out.
  • If you’re having trouble with the payment part of the checkout
    • Make sure you’re using a credit card or debit card that shows the logo of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Debit cards without a credit option will not work. We do not accept Paypal or other forms of payment.
    • Make sure that your billing name and address are spelled 100% correct. Errors in your name or billing address—sometimes only small variations—may result in the system rejecting your payment.
      • Note that in rare instances your credit card will issue a temporary hold for the amount you’re trying to spend even if our Shopify site rejects your payment because of a mistake in the billing name or address. There is nothing we or Shopify can do to cancel this hold. Your bank/credit card will usually drop it after 2 or more business days. Avoid this problem by making absolutely sure you type all your information correctly.
    • Make sure you have sufficient funds available on the card you’re trying to use.

If you have tried the solutions above and they don’t work, please contact us by:

Sending a message through the above methods is the only way to receive assistance on the day of the benefit sale.

All help requests are time-stamped and will be responded to in the order in which they were received. Our customer service team is a grand total of 2 people and we will respond to help requests as fast as we can.

DO NOT CALL Madison Children’s Museum. Staff there will not be able to help you or expedite your help request. DO NOT CALL American Girl about the benefit sale under any circumstances; AG donates the inventory to us but has no part in the running of or the logistics of the sale.

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