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Open Thursdays–Sundays, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available most days or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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2021 Order Pickup Information

We know you’re already eager to pick up the purchases you’ll make during the benefit sale. Here’s everything you need to know to make it a smooth pickup process.

Order Pickup

Shoppers or their proxies will collect their purchases using CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY from our new warehouse location in Middleton, Wisconsin, only during pre-scheduled pickup appointments.

Starting at 7 PM on Sept. 25, you will be able to select an available pickup appointment or designate a proxy to pick up your order for you on your MyAGBS page. We will also send an email to alert you when pickup selection begins, as these appointments are first-come, first-served. If you are picking up your own order you will then be able to select from available pickup times. More information on the proxy process is included below.

General pickup information for anyone picking up an order

  • We will not ship any orders. No exceptions.
  • Pickup appointments are selected first-come, first-served.
  • Pickup appointments will be available for weekends in October, starting on October 9 and concluding on October 24.
  • Pickup appointment windows will be 8–11 am or 12–4 pm. You must arrive during your pickup window.
  • Be prepared to wait in your car. Our volunteers will get you your order as quickly as possible, but wait times will depend on how many others arrive at the same time. There are no public restrooms available at our new warehouse complex, so you might want to make a pit stop first. There is a convenience store/gas station nearby.
  • You only need to select one pickup slot, regardless of how many times you shopped during the benefit sale or if you are a proxy for other people.
  • Those picking up a particularly large number of items may be asked to arrange a pickup time outside of the normal pickup appointments.
  • The person picking up your order MUST show the correct order number(s) AND name. We will only release orders to the person who placed the order or the proxy they designate through our official proxy selection system. No exceptions.
  • Legibly write your full name and order number(s) on a large piece of paper with a thick marker and be prepared to show it out of the window of your car. Proxies should list their own name and the order number(s) they’re picking up. (Similar to how many schools/daycares do their carpool pickup line.)
  • For the safety of our volunteers, you must stay with your car and may not enter the warehouse. Your order will be brought to your car.
  • No refunds will be provided for orders not picked up. Make arrangements to ensure that your order is picked up during the designated pickup windows.

Using a proxy

You may designate another person (a proxy) to pick up your order(s). We strongly recommend you make arrangements with your proxy before the sale.

  • You must arrange for your own proxy if you cannot pick up your order yourself. We cannot suggest a proxy for you.
  • The use of a proxy is at your own risk. We are not responsible for what happens to your order after we release it to your designated proxy. Only use a proxy who you trust.
  • Proxy designation will be available starting at 7 pm on Sept. 25 via your myAGBS page.
  • You will need to know your proxy’s full name (as written on their legal ID), email address, and phone number to fill out the proxy selection form.
  • Be 100% sure that you type your proxy’s email correctly! Failure to do so will mean your proxy cannot select a pickup appointment and may not be able to collect your order.
  • Your proxy will receive an automatic email inviting them to log onto MyAGBS to select from available pickup times. If your proxy does not already have a MyAGBS account one will be created for them.
  • We will ONLY release your items to your designated proxy. If your arrangements change and you or someone else will pick up your order you will need to revoke your original proxy’s access.
Further information, including the pickup address and procedures when you arrive at the warehouse, will be sent by email before your pickup date.
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