The museum is temporarily closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more

School-Year: 9:30–5, Tues.–Sun. Closed Mon.

The museum is temporarily closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more

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School-Year: 9:30–5, Tues.–Sun. Closed Mon.

Ticket Info and Transfer Instructions

This year’s benefit sale is online, so all tickets are electronic tickets, or “e-tickets.”

The ticket transfer window will be open from Friday, June 26 through Tuesday, July 7.  

Shortly after the transfer window closes, the next step will be for each ticketholder to activate their shopping account on the sale website. Stay tuned for those details shortly after July 7.

MyAGBS Ticket Tool

To check your ticket times OR transfer tickets to someone else use our new MyAGBS online tool. Access MyAGBS via the message we sent on June 26 to your email address OR use the link below to resend an email to yourself with your personalized MyAGBS link.

Send MyAGBS Link

If you do not receive your email within 20 minutes, check your Spam/Junk/Promotional/Other folders to find it. The sender is AGBS Ticketing (or:, and the subject line is “AGBS 2020: Your MyAGBS link

(Hotmail/MSN/Outlook users: we’re finding that your email system is nearly always routing our emails into your Junk email folder. Please check there thoroughly, and be sure to add us to your “Safe Senders” list.)

About MyAGBS: Each ticketholder has a personalized MyAGBS page, tied to your email address, to view and control your tickets. You can bookmark it for convenience, but DO NOT SHARE YOUR PAGE! Whoever has your MyAGBS page URL can control your tickets and transfer them to somebody else, so please be careful.

Why Transfer E-tickets?

In a normal year, one person in a group of family or friends may order all the tickets for the group, then physically hand out the paper tickets to everyone. But all that only works with physical tickets. There are no physical tickets this year.  All tickets are e-tickets.

(Note: if you missed our earlier notices about the changes in the sale to online-only please see our AGBS website for details.)

This year, to shop at the sale website, each shopper will login with their email address. If that shopper’s email address owns an e-ticket (for the appropriate sale day/time), then that person will be able to shop. If not, that person will not be able to enter the website.

E-tickets are tied to your email address. Right now, all e-tickets are tied to the email address used to purchase them back in March. If you bought tickets for multiple people, and everyone wants to make their own purchases at the sale website, then you need to transfer some of your tickets to other people’s email addresses.

How to Transfer E-tickets

It’s very simple; just click your personalized button at the bottom of the email you were sent on June 26, or request a new email to be sent with your MyAGBS link
You will be taken to your own MyAGBS webpage, where you can see all the tickets you control. If you want to transfer some or all of your tickets, push the “Transfer some tickets” button at the bottom.
There are 4 steps to transfer tickets:
  1. Enter the transfer recipient’s email address
  2. Re-type the recipient’s email address, to ensure accuracy
  3. Select exactly which ticket(s) should be transferred.
  4. Review your choices. You can make changes, or abort the transfer. If all is correct, confirm the transfer. 
If you confirm the transfer, the website will send a confirmation email to both you and your recipient, and it will transfer control of the ticket(s) you selected to the recipient. You will no longer own those tickets, so they will not appear in your own list of tickets. The confirmation email sent to each party will contain their own special MyAGBS weblink to view the tickets they now control.
Transferring Tickets to Multiple Recipients: To transfer other tickets to other recipients, just repeat the process (steps 1-4) with each new recipient’s email address.
Important: Triple-check to make certain that the recipient’s email address is 100% accurate! If you transfer tickets to an email address that is wrong, the tickets will be trapped in the void. Avoid this calamity by being extra careful
Our system only transfers ownership of tickets. Conducting any exchange of money is up to you. As in years past, it is against our policies for tickets to be sold for more than the owner originally paid. No scalping!
Ticket transfers must all be completed by July 7. No transfers will be possible after the transfer window is closed.

Shopping Limits per Ticket

At the physical sale, everyone wanting to enter the warehouse needed a ticket.  Each ticket allowed its holder to purchase one load of goods in the warehouse, subject to quantity limits. Shoppers wanting to buy goods in excess of the quantity limits would purchase additional tickets re-enter the warehouse and shop again, with their limits reset.
In the online sale, each e-ticket allows one shopper to enter the private shopping website and purchase one shopping cart full of goods. Quantity limits will apply to your online shopping cart. If you have more than one e-ticket, you may shop up to your limit, check out, and then shop a second time with the quantity limits reset, filling a new shopping cart. And so forth, for additional tickets.
Please note that individual tickets cannot be combined to create one big order for the purposes of higher limits or shipping, but holders of multiple tickets can shop multiple times in succession.

Ticket Entry Times

Each ticket purchased back in March was assigned an entry time. The online sale will honor the order of those entry times, so, for example, if you received a 7:00 AM Saturday ticket, you will be among the first allowed to shop on the website. But what if you’re late? No problem: as usual, you can always start shopping later than the entry time on your ticket; you just can’t shop earlier.

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