Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

Thursday–Sunday: 9 am–4 pm

Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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Thursday–Sunday: 9 am–4 pm

Private Rental FAQs

What if it rains on a night that I’ve rented the rooftop?

If there is concern over inclement weather, the museum lead will call the event lead at 4 p.m. the day of your event to make the decision together on whether or not to move indoors. In order to have enough setup time, this decision MUST be made at this point.

If the client has rented only two floors of the museum and moves inside, the rooftop will be closed for the remainder of the evening, even if the weather improves. If the client has rented the full museum, the rooftop will still be available for guests.

Can we store things at the museum either before or after our event?

The museum has no on-site storage. The earliest vendors and supplies may begin arriving is 4 p.m. the evening of your event. Nothing is allowed to be left at the museum after an event is finished. Anything left at the museum is not guaranteed to be saved for later pickup date.

Can museum staff help put out our linens and decorations?

Due to the tight turnaround time and need to set up equipment, MCM staff is not available to set up linens and other decorations for events. If you are unavailable to set up your event, we recommend hiring a day-of coordinator or designating someone to handle anything being brought in to the museum.

Is there any way we can start my event before 6 p.m.?

Since the museum is open to the public until 5 p.m., our staff and vendors need every minute possible to have things set up exactly as you would like it. For that reason we do not start events until 6 p.m. We also do not unlock our doors until 6 p.m.

We would like to bring in our own chairs for dinner. Are we allowed to do this?

You are welcome to use outside vendors for rentals. MCM staff is not responsible for setting up any equipment brought in from outside vendors (tables and chairs included).

Are there any rules about what decorations I can bring in?

MCM does not allow open flames in the museum, so all candles must be LED light-based. You may not attach anything to our walls or exhibits that might cause damage upon cleanup. Because of the tight setup time, we recommend minimal decorations be brought in for events.

Who cleans up at the end of the night?

MCM staff is responsible for all equipment rented through the museum. Any outside equipment or materials brought into the museum are the responsibility of the renter to remove at the end of the event. This includes any leftover food or beverages. Anything that is left at the museum at the end of the night is not guaranteed to be saved for a later pickup date.

What if there is a blizzard the night of my event?

In the event of inclement weather, MCM may choose to close the museum.  In this case, the renter may apply their deposit to reschedule an event or cancel their event and have their deposit returned.  Please note that this policy only applies to MCM and its rental, not any other deposits or contracts that you might have with other vendors. The renter may choose to reschedule their event for a specific weather-related reason no later than 24 hours before the event start date/time. An alternate location will be offered for outdoor events in case of inclement weather. If the renter chooses to cancel their event due to weather, they will forfeit their deposit.

We are a nonprofit organization and on a tight budget. Would the museum be willing to sponsor or partner with my event?

MCM recognizes that there are many wonderful organizations in our area, each worthy of sponsorship and support. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor or partner on most events. We are happy to offer a 30% discount on rentals to any organization that qualifies as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Will your exhibits stay the same for my event as when I toured?

Our exhibits are constantly changing throughout the year with additions and improvements. Exhibits that were available during your tour may be gone at the time of your event, and exhibits that did not exist during a tour may be present. We assure you that our facility rental coordinator will work with you to plan a terrific event, no matter what the layout of the space may be. We always try to make sure that any exhibits that were available during the day to our visitors are available to you during your event barring any set up requirements from your event or maintenance issues.

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