The museum is temporarily closed and will reopen in June! Learn more.

Temporarily Closed

The museum is temporarily closed and will reopen in June! Learn more.

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Temporarily Closed

Reopening Information for Museum Members

Many thanks to all of our members who have been waiting patiently for the museum to reopen this past year. Your support and encouragement has kept our staff and volunteers going. We are overjoyed to welcome you back into the museum this June.
We’re pleased to offer our members special consideration and opportunities, including a members-only, soft opening period June 3–20 and membership date adjustments.

Soft Opening (June 3-20):

Members are the heart of Madison Children’s Museum. As we reopen, we want to prioritize members, and also enlist your partnership in creating and implementing new procedures for a safe, fun museum experience. From June 3 to June 20, admission will be available for museum members only during our “soft opening” period. It’s like our Member Mornings, but on a much larger scale!

Seeking feedback from members

During the soft opening, MCM will try out new methods and practices designed to improve the COVID-safety of our space as well as operating with a smaller staff. The main changes you will see will be in the number of people in the building and the check-in experience. We also will test logistics: What information needs to be on signs? Where to place lines? There will be unforeseen new challenges and problems to solve. We’re learning from fellow children’s museums around the country that have already reopened; but we know that what works well for St. Louis or Green Bay might not be ideal for Madison.

We need your input. Members who visit will be asked to give feedback on new policies and procedures so that we can improve and provide the best possible experience for all families. You may be asked for feedback on your way out. An after-visit survey will be sent to you by email. We encourage you to give us your feedback quickly so we can continue to modify and make improvements.

Reduced capacity, reserved tickets

During the soft opening, we will welcome visitors back at reduced capacity, in accordance with public health requirements and creating the safest experience possible. As always, members visit for free, but we’ll now require you to schedule your visit in advance so we can limit how many people are in the museum at any given time. You’ll be able to reserve a ticket online for a specific entry day and time—don’t worry, we understand the difficulties of getting anywhere on time with young children in tow so there will be an arrival window! More information about reserving your tickets, arriving, and check-in procedures will be sent to members via email on Thursday, May 13.

Tickets to reserve a visit during the soft open period will be released on Thursday, May 20. We know that many families are eager to return to the museum, so we expect tickets to be claimed quickly. To help as many member families as possible have a chance to visit during the soft opening period, you may initially reserve one visit per membership. This visit may include the individuals (adults and kids) named on your membership and you may also bring a guest if you have unused guest passes available. Guests using guest passes must visit with a member during the soft opening.

After most members have had a chance to reserve a visit, we’ll allow additional reservations per membership if tickets are still available. Additionally, as we see how many families can comfortably and safely play in our space, we will make more tickets available on Tuesdays for the following Thursday-Sunday, beginning on Tuesday, June 8. We are just starting small so that we can reopen as carefully and safely as possible.

Membership Extensions

We want you to receive the full value of your membership, so we are extending memberships. All members will receive an email in late April stating their former expiration date and their new expiration date. New digital cards will be sent out by email in mid May.
Find your membership level below to learn about your specific extension.

For Dual, Family Access, Family, and Family Plus memberships

Active memberships were frozen as of March 2020 — when we closed our doors to the public. The amount of time left on your membership when we reopen in June 2021 is the same amount that you had back when we closed our doors in March 2020. 

For existing First-Time Parent memberships:

Most First-Time Parent memberships in effect when we closed our doors last March would have normally expired during our closure—but we want you and your FTP-enrolled child to experience the museum for at least 3 months for free!  So: All First-Time Parent memberships in effect when we closed our doors on March 2020 will expire on August 31, 2021, OR when the child turns 18 months old—whichever comes LATER. 

Many thanks to our members!

Thank you for your patience and your continued support for MCM. If you would like to support the museum now, please consider donating to the museum or renewing your membership early.

If you have questions about your specific membership or circumstance, please send us an email.

For general information about musuem reopening see our COVID-19 Response page.

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