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Open 9:30–5, Tuesday–Sunday. Closed Mondays. Buy tickets.

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School-Year Hours: 9:30–5, Tuesday–Sunday. Closed Monday.


Offers for Cyber Monday 2018

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Free $10 gift card and free shipping!

All gift card orders placed on Cyber Monday will receive free shipping and handling — a savings of $2 per card. Plus, for every $100 in gift cards purchased, receive an additional free $10 gift card with your order.

Deal Available Monday 11/26!

Free membership upgrade!

On Cyber Monday, Family Plus Memberships will be discounted to $135 from $160 (the same price as a Family Membership). That’s a free upgrade. Current members can renew your membership to get the discounted rate, adding 12 months to your existing membership AND getting all the perks immediately (if you are upgrading to Family Plus). See below for a discount code to claim your free upgrade!

Upgrading to a Family Plus membership means you get:

  • 2 more named individuals on your membership for free
  • 4 free guest passes, valued at $36
  • Total extra value of $61! 

And just like a Family Membership, you get:

  • Unlimited admission for a full year
  • Free general admission at hundreds of science and technology museums
  • 50% off admission at children’s museums around the country
  • Members-only playtime once a month on Member Mornings
  • Discounts on all museum purchases
  • And more!

Membership Discount Code: PLAYDAY8

Make sure to enter your code at the time of purchase to receive your free upgrade!

Deal Available Monday 11/26!

Terms & Conditions

  • Cyber Monday promotions will be available from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on November 26, 2018 only
  • Offers apply to online purchases only. On-site sales at the museum will not qualify
  • Membership upgrade offer:
    • Applicable to Family Plus ($160) memberships only. Any misuse of the code will result in a cancellation and refund of the membership purchase
    • Available to new and renewing members. Renewing members will be upgraded immediately and 12 months will be added to their current expiration date
    • May be given as a gift or purchased for another recipient
    • All members (up to six total on a Family Plus membership) must be listed on the membership in order to receive benefits
    • Members will be sent permanent digital membership cards, which will be delivered 4–6 weeks after purchase to the email address given at the time of purchase. Adult members can always check in at the museum with just an ID. Additional sets of two printed cards can be purchased at the front desk for $4 and any member can request a temporary membership card at any time either at the desk, or by email
    • Guest passes are automatically added to the member account and may be redeemed by asking at the front desk
  • Gift card offers:
    • Shipping & handling fees will be waived for all gift card orders placed during the promotional period, a value of $2 per gift card
    • A free $10 gift card will be added to each order for every $100 in gift cards purchased at face value. Eligibility is calculated based on total order amount, regardless of how many cards are ordered. For example, an order of four, $50 gift cards ($200 in total value) will be eligible for 2 free $10 gift cards
    • For qualifying orders, any eligible $10 promotional gift cards will be added to the order after payment and will be shipped together with the full order to the recipient specified at the time of purchase
    • Gift cards do not expire and may be used for any in-person or phone purchase of goods and services from Madison Children’s Museum. Gift cards cannot be used for online purchases or to purchase food or drinks from The Roman Candle Sparkler Cafe
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