Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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Thursday–Sunday: 9 am–4 pm
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{SOLD OUT} Toddler Date Night: Party Animals

This event is now sold out. Please use the link below to join the waitlist.

For those with tickets, if you discover you cannot attend please let us know ASAP so we can admit those on the waitlist.

Event Information for Attendees:

Join us for a special night celebrating everything wonderful and woeful about parenting a toddler! 

Bring your toddler along to date night at the museum and enjoy playful fun for all!

Activities for Toddlers:

  • Animal Bathtime on the Rooftop — whether you’re pro- or anti-bath, you’ll enjoy helping our messy toy animals get clean
  • Playdough Party — smash, mush, squish, and use animal-shaped cutters to get the tactile fun you crave. It’s even better than playing with your food!
  • Ball Room — Too little to play in the ball pit with the big kids at the restaurant? Well, there are no big kids here, so all the balls are yours!

Activities for Parents:

  • Toddler Tantrum Confessions — We know. You’re the worst parent in the world. You wouldn’t let her wash your smartphone or eat the french fries he found under the picnic table at the park. Clear your conscience by writing your tantrum-causing sins on our whiteboard for all the world to see. (Get ideas here.)
  • Family Photobooth — Did she walk into the table and get a giant bruise the day before you were going to go get holiday photos taken? Haul your offspring over to our photo backdrop and snap a few shots that might do for your obligatory holiday card or at least a decent Instagram post.
  • Parent & Kid Handprint Art — Use your handprints to create an adorable kid & parent art project to keep (or in a cheap frame it makes for a great addition to grandma’s holiday gift!)
  • Mocktail for parents, snacks for kids — Featuring our signature mocktail the “Tantrum Tamer.” Because sometimes mommy or daddy needs a pick-me-up too!
  • Wobbly Walkers Contest — Whose toddler is the fastest? Divisions for new, experienced, and advanced walkers; with prizes!
  • End the evening with a dramatic —but censored—reading of F*%$, Now There Are Two Of You by Adam Mansbach.


Registration is $7 for adults, and free for toddlers. Child attendees should be age 3 and younger.

Space is limited and this event may sell-out, so please register soon. Members get 10% off of registration.

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