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Open Thursday to Sunday, 9 am–4 pm. Walk-up tickets available or reserve advance tickets for guaranteed entry

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Thursday–Sunday: 9 am–4 pm
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[SOLD OUT] Adult Swim: Wizard Academy Yule Ball

Wizard Academy is coming back to Adult Swim, with a holiday twist!

This event is now SOLD OUT. Tickets will NOT be available at the door this time. Please join us for our next Adult Swim: Glow Zone on February 7.

By popular demand, Adult Swim at Madison Children’s Museum is bringing back our Wizard Academy theme; this year we’re channeling the festivity and drama of the Hogwarts Yule Ball!

Featured activities:

  • Craft sparkling potions as jewelry, gifts, or ornaments
  • Delve into the obscure art and science of wand making
  • Adopt your own “adorable” mandrake from our mandrake nursery
  • Compete to win the Triwizard cup for your school in our most challenging scavenger hunt yet!

Special Add-On Activities:

  • (SOLD OUT) Craft Dragon’s Eye Talismans: Sculpt your own amazingly detailed dragon’s eye pendant or wall hanging from polymer clay.  (Image right) To reduce congestion, you will sign up for a one-hour crafting timeslot. Be sure to arrive on time!  $12 in advance
  • (SOLD OUT) Divination Class: Register for an expert-led, 30-minute workshop on three forms of divination (the are of gaining insight into the present and future). Choose from Tarot for Beginners, Scrying (flame/water), or Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading). Read a full description of the classes below. Space is limited to 10 per timeslot, and don’t be late to class!  $10 in advance.
Check back for more activities coming soon!

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Come see why Adult Swim is one of Madison’s favorite night-out activities!

You must be 21+ years old to attend Adult Swim. Photo ID required.

Ticket Details Price
Individual Admission to Event $12.75 or $15 day-of
Add-on Dragon’s Eye Talismans (SOLD OUT) $12 or  $15 day-of
Add-on Divination Class (SOLD OUT) $10 or  $12 day-of

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 About Divination Class:

Divination Classes are now sold out!

New for this swim only: we’re channeling the best of Profs. Trelawney and Firenze for a unique add-on experience!

Divination is a broad term describing many techniques that have been historically used for gaining information or foretelling the future. You don’t have to believe in anything supernatural to use these techniques for personal insight — the same methods can be used to tap into our own subconscious or inner wisdom. Tarot and other forms of divination have become increasingly popular, so in honor of the least-loved class at Hogwarts we present a slightly more accessible take on the subject.

This Swim, we’re offering five half-hour workshops covering three of the most iconic forms of divination technique: Tarot cards, tea-leaf reading, and scrying. Each workshop will be a small-class experience, aimed to get you reading and interpreting on your own.

About the professor: Florence Edwards-Miller has been studying divination for over twenty years. She’s the museum’s reader-of-choice at our annual Wonder Ball galas. Her technique combines intuition, skepticism, and humor to make divination accessible to both the true believer and the curious cynic.

  • Tarot: Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with a different picture and name for each card. The decks and symbology originated in Renaissance Italy and has been further refined over the years. Mastering Tarot can take a lifetime of study, but in this workshop we’ll dive right in and teach students a  structural approach to reading that will get you started on reading the cards immediately. This class will not assume any prior experience, though it will be useful for those who have tried Tarot before and not quite found their groove yet. You’ll learn two spreads and get a chance to try some hands-on reading of your own. Decks will be provided, or bring your own.
    • Choose from Tarot workshops at 6:30, and 8 p.m. 
  • Scrying: Crystal balls, magic mirrors, animal entrails, turtle shells, flights of birds, incense smoke… there are hundreds of techniques from cultures across the world that fall under the broad category of looking for patterns and symbols within a random medium. Students will learn meditative techniques needed to scry and then we’ll practice two different methods, reading a static form and reading a moving image with flame and water.
    • Scrying workshop will be held at 7:15 p.m.
  • Tasseomancy: Popularized in Victorian drawing rooms, tea-leaf reading or “tasseomancy” is an accessible and delightful method of divination that involves drinking a cup of loose-leaf tea and interpreting symbols in the patterns left behind. Contrary to what Prof. Trelawney might say, discovering “the Grim” is unlikely.  This is a great workshop to do with a friend as, just like in the books, we’ll partner up to read each other’s cups.
    • Tasseomancy workshop will be held at 8:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

To create a hands-on experience, classes are limited to 10 persons in each session. It is highly likely that sessions will sell-out prior to the night of the Swim so get your tickets now!

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About Adult Swim:

Adult Swim at Madison Children’s Museum honors the public pool tradition of kicking the kids out so adults can have the space to themselves (without the water or need for a swimsuit). This 21-and-up event series offers adults the opportunity to play like a grown-up for the evening—crawling, sliding, crafting, and dancing their way through the museum. Adult Swim events are held 6-8 times a year, each with its own unique, photo-worthy theme. From Steampunk to Prohibition, Science Soirees to Prom, the topics and fun are endless.

Please note, this event is not affiliated with ADULT SWIM, the television and entertainment network—also, we don’t have a swimming pool.

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